April 15, 2024

Supercharged SCR/USDC Pool Launch on Osmosis

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Supercharged SCR/USDC pool on Osmosis, bringing more opportunities for liquidity providers and enhancing the SCR coin ecosystem.

Key Details


Pool Type: Supercharged

Access: Osmosis

Access the Supercharged Pool: https://app.osmosis.zone/pool/1507

Why Supercharged Pools?

Supercharged Pools offer an ingenious method to minimize loss and maximize profits while contributing liquidity to pools. This approach concentrates your liquidity within a specific price range, introducing flexibility to choose safer or risk-oriented approaches.

In-Depth Information

For those seeking more in-depth insights, we encourage you to check out the detailed article on Reddit. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Osmosis Supercharged pools and how they work. You can find the article here

Get ready to supercharge your SCR on Osmosis!